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AET Special Effects: Partnerships

AET Special Effects Australian Business Partnerships for Australian Film, TV and Advertising:

bullet Applied Explosives Technology
AET Special Effects (AETSFX) is a subsidiary of Applied Explosives Technology Pty Ltd. Applied Explosives Technology's expertise in the oil, defence, mining, gas and security industries provides AETSFX with the expertise to find a solution to any special effects requirement. Read more

bullet Rapid Entry
Rapid Entry is an Australian specialist breaching company which develops and produces explosive products for the defence and security industries. Rapid Entry is part owned by Applied Explosives Technology.

bullet OHS Media
OHS Media is AETSFX's preferred Occupational Health and Safety consultants. AETSFX and OHS Media work closely to ensure that AET Special Effect's work practices comply with Australian local and national occupational health and safety standards. AETSFX is also working with OHS Media on a range of educational products for Australian Film Production companies and crews.

bullet FX Genius
AETSFX uses FXGENIUS for all it's breakaway glass (candy glass, sugarglass) effects. The FXGenius Director, Conrad Rothmann is one of Australia's most senior special effects technicians who has been supplying feature films, tv series and theatre companies in Australia with breakaway glass (candy glass, sugar glass) for over 30 years. Contact FXGenius find out more.